Ursuline Alumnae Association

of San Francisco

2018 Luncheon on April 15th!


Looking forward to seeing everyone on the 15th.  Reservations are now closed.  If you would like to recieve our newsletter with updates on future events, please make sure you are current with your dues!!  Thank you. 

Important Info on our banking situation:  We discovered over the last few months, that our Bank of America bank accounts were using a  tax ID number no longer associated with St. Johns or the Archdiocese of San Francisco.  In meeting with Father De Heredia to rectify the situation, we discovered if we wanted to continue to use the church's ID, we would have to turn over control of the money in our CD and then "borrow" it back from the archdiocese when we needed it.   Since Bank of America had told us that our accounts would be closed unless the situation was resolved, we needed to make a decsion quickly.  Feeling it was in the best interest of our association, we decided close our Bank of America accounts,  get our own ID and open new accounts at a credit union (better interest - yay!).  In doing this we had to update our legal name to Ursuline Alumnae Association of San Francisco - so, when you pay dues with a check or pay for the luncheon with a check, please make that check out to Ursuline Alumnae Assoc. of San Francisco!!!   Please, if you have any questions about our decision, feel free to email me at theresakeane@gmail.com.

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